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Since consumers like information that is easy to digest, entertaining and engaging, video marketing has proven to be a perfect communication tool to support a strong and effective marketing strategy. We offer original and creative video strategies to support your business goals.

we TAKE PRIDE IN CREATING HIGH QUALITY VIDEO CONTENT THAT will make your business stand out.

photo and video services

Let's Talk Instagram Reels

Reels are still king on Instagram. They are the platform's favored feature and most supported by its algorithm. While your posts and stories are only seen by your followers, reels are the ONLY Instagram tool that reaches non-followers organically. 

Patient Journey Reel                               Showroom Reel                                Product Reels

Product photography.jpg

In addition to social media, video marketing can be used to promote your offerings on your website and to create digital ads.

Use video marketing to:

  • share reels on Instagram and reach non-followers

  • promote and market your product or services

  • increase your social media engagement

  • educate your audience

  • support your PR

  • brand yourself as innovative and resourceful

  • reach new markets

In addition to creating an appealing experience for your clients to want more, and thus increase your sales, video marketing can support a variety of other goals such as:

Helping You Sell Remotely

Thanks to virtual showroom tours, furniture store can build a new clientele from out of state. This also becomes handy for clients who might have reduced mobility or other reasons to prefer shopping remotely.

Building Trust 

With a video, what you see is what you get. We have all visited spa websites that used stock photos instead of showing their actual facility. With a video, your clients know what to expect and trust your commitment to transparency. For practitioners, a short intro video has shown to increase calls and conversion.

Boosting Your Google Business Page

Google loves videos and posting them on your Page will support your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts and generate more traffic on your website. 


Supporting Your Social Media Efforts

Videos are easily shared and, when uploaded directly to the platform (not from an external link), they are favored by the platform's algorithm. 

We offer a variety of photo and video content packages which include strategy and execution, and use state of the art equipment. Contact us for full price list. 

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