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Project Manager, Social Media Specialist,

Creative Ninja

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Videographer, Project Developer, Brand Strategist, Visual Ninja

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Writer, Project Manager, Brand Strategist, 

PR Ninja

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Artist, Illustration &

Design Ninja

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SEO Pro, Web Developer, Computer Science


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Writer, Marketing Strategist, PR Ninja


Project Manager, Social Media Specialist, Creative Ninja!

With her background in Fine Arts, Marketing, and Martial Arts, Mukta approaches each Marketing Campaign with a creative and playful mind, an up to date knowledge of the industry, and a black belt focus. Her specialty is coming up with unique ideas that will make your business stand out. As CEO and Project Manager, Mukta will work closely with you to bring your project to term and make sure your needs are met. She is involved on each project, from beginning to end.


Project Coordinator, Customer Success, and Digital Specialist Ninja!

Similar to Mukta, Sara is Canadian, bilingual and guess what… she also has a black belt in Karate! Martial arts training has taught Sara that discipline, perseverance, patience, practice, timing and a strong, unique signature move are required to hit your target every time… which is very similar to planning a successful social media campaign!

A seasoned global traveler, Sara’s capacity to read, adjust and adapt quickly and efficiently to a new environment and culture sets her apart from the crowd. She has extensive expertise in customer success management, tailoring services to clients in various industries. She has experience in marketing, business development and sales and in recent years the private aviation industry. She also enjoys writing and owns her own website,


Writer, Project Manager, Brand Strategist, PR Ninja!

With her professional background in Fashion, Public Relations and Writing, Dana brings a strong sense for design, a passion for brand development, and an ability to create and convey a clear voice for your brand, to every marketing strategy and publicity campaign. She has secured press for her clients in regional and national media outlets from The Los Angeles Times and KTLA to U.S. News & World Report. Her specialty is in luxury brands, and her experience includes event production, media relations, celebrity product placement and celebrity seeding. 


SEO Pro, Web Developer, and Computer Science Ninja!

Marco is the ninja who works behind the scenes to make sure your message reaches the largest audience possible. Marco holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science for Database Administration and have worked for more than 9 years managing and working on web development, web design, social media marketing, software implementation, search engine optimization (inbound marketing). Moreover, he has more than 5 years of experience in Information Technology systems and networking. His goal is to gain more and more tools to keep customers advancing in their goals and always give them insight in all their endeavors.


Videographer, Project Developer, Brand Strategist, Visual Ninja!

With his background in Television, Filmmaking, Live Entertainment and Fine Arts, Nathaniël crafts impactful and visually stimulating campaigns that will hit their goals with a unique twist.  The most important parts of the process are determining the needs of the clients and reaching them while enjoying the ride, which is achieved by establishing good communications with all collaborators through the process. The flexibility and the strong figure make this Ninja a strong ally. 


Artist, Illustration & Design Ninja!

Sommer Roman is a interdisciplinary artist based on the central coast of California who holds an MFA from UC Santa Barbara.  Her illustration and design portfolio ranges from editorial, to children’s literature, to logo and branding.  She loves taking on the challenge of diverse projects based on the varying needs of clients & companies. 



Writer, Marketing Strategist, PR Ninja!

Chantal Jura is a PR and marketing strategist with an international newswire background, and a writer. With a clear passion to grow brand awareness, she thrives on building connections with influential media. Helping to strategize marketing and publicity initiatives, Chantal has industry experience in brand development, event production, media relations, product launches and more.

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