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Should I Use Videos To Promote My Business?

Since consumers like information that is easy to digest, entertaining, and engaging, video marketing has proven to be a perfect communication tool to support a strong and effective marketing strategy. According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. In addition, 83% of businesses using video marketing believe that it gives them a good ROI.

Video marketing can

  • promote and market your product or services

  • increase your social media engagement

  • educate your audience

  • support your PR

  • brand yourself as innovative and resourceful

Since video marketing is progressing rapidly, you might be considering adding it to your strategy. You might wonder if it’s really worth it for promoting your business? Or if you have enough resources to create and use video content on your current platforms.

When asked about videos used as a marketing tool, Videographer, and Producer Nathaniel Siri shares, “Videos are an immersive tool to instantly transport your viewers, prospects and returning clients to your place of business. Informative text to read is important, photos are essential, but videos highlight the heart, personality, and uniqueness of your business. Imagine a virtual walk-through of a spa, guided by a pleasing voice with soothing music in the background conveying the vibe crafted for their clients. You see a greeting host, product displays, we enter a treatment room and see a facial in progress. We conclude with the spa logo fading into a blue sky. A visual immersion helps stimulate your potential clients to experience it in person or to inquire about products or services featured in the video. Videos are the closest thing to being in the environment of your business.

Videos are the closest thing to being in the environment of your business.

By using this tool, you’re taking the consumer experience to the next level by embracing an opportunity to engage and educate them dynamically.”

In addition to creating an appealing experience for your clients to want more, and thus increase your sales, video marketing can support a variety of other goals such as:

Helping you sell remotely

Thanks to virtual showroom tours, a furniture store can build a new clientele from out of state. This also becomes handy for clients who might have reduced mobility or other reasons to prefer shopping remotely.

Building trust

With a video, what you see is what you get. We have all seen some suspicious hotel websites that used stock photos instead of showing the actual hotel grounds. With a video, clients know what to expect and trust your commitment to transparency.

Boosting your Google Business

Your videos can be used to boost your Google Business Page. Google loves videos and posting them on your Page will support your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts and generate more traffic to your website.

Supporting your social media efforts

Videos are easily shared, and when uploaded directly to the platform (not from an external link), they are favored by the platform’s algorithm.

When is a good time to use video marketing? Videos are effective in introducing your business to brand new clients, showcasing new service offerings, promoting sales or seasonal events, and sharing important news. Imagine you have a seasonal summer sale, shares Nathaniel Siri. What a better way to promote it than with a fun video! A series of detailed dynamic shots highlighting the quality, vibrant colors, and diversity of your merchandise. A great video with visual appeal has the potential to become viral and reach a larger audience.

Knowing what your end goal is essential to determine the best way to get there. Remember, there are endless possibilities when it comes to creating video content. One pastry shop may choose to share a short greeting followed by a slow pan of their pastry counter to show the menu du jour, while another may opt for an informative video of the nutritional value of their products, and a third one decides to share a weekly baking tutorial.

There are thousands of angles and strategies that can be used, and that’s part of the fun!

If you decide to dive into the video marketing world, don’t be afraid of originality and creativity. Stand out! Look at what others are doing to see what hasn’t been done yet, or what you wish you had access to as a client. Keep your goals in mind and dive into the creative world of cinematography.

Written by Mukta Cholette, Founder of Creative Marketing Ninja, in collaboration with Nathaniel Siri. As seen on Kivo Daily.


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