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Are You Actively Designing Your Business Legacy?

Certain life events create opportunities for us to step back, observe, do some self-inquiry, and perhaps make a few adjustments.

I had the privilege of experiencing such an event recently and I came out of it inspired. As a person, what mark will I leave on my community, what will I contribute to the next generation? For what will I be best remembered?

What type of impact do I want to have on the people around me?

Interestingly, the same questions apply to a business. What is my business legacy? How do people feel when they reflect on their experiences with Creative Marketing Ninja? What problems did I solve for them? How many people did I help?

Several major companies have seemingly posed the same questions to themselves, and have made the bold move of drastically evolving their marketing strategies to insure that their corporate legacies will be as positive and strong as they are lasting The impact of their commitments to the cultural greater good cannot be denied.

I think of Dove, one of the early leaders in the beauty industry of the body positive movement. Their brand leveraged its platform, becoming so involved and committed to helping teens and women build self-confidence, overcome body image struggles and anxiety. The reach of their body positive campaign is so broad that schools nationwide have taken notice, and many now offer bully-proofing, and confidence building programs, offered by Dove, to their students!

A more recent example is Nike’s latest campaign, which shook the media by taking a stand against police brutality. The amount of press and attention Nike received also created an immediate 31% spike in its sales.

These companies not only gain from striving to align their marketing efforts and public messaging with their well-defined corporate values - they also make a lasting impression on the general public, thereby creating positive legacies that endure.

On a personal level, their campaigns and expressed values have touched people's lives in uplifting and, we hope, sustainable ways.

So, what is YOUR business’ legacy? How are YOU positively impacting your coworkers, clients, and collaborators? When people think of your business, how do they feel?


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